Žižek at Occupy Wall Street

Well, this is just a wonderful confluence. Slavoj Žižek spoke at Occupy Wall Street on Sunday, October 9th, 2011, at noon. Here is the YouTube video of it in two parts. The human amplification makes for slow going. Thanks to 600euros for transcribing, which I cleaned up below. Thanks also to visitordesign for posting the videos.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

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Transcription/Translation of Félix Guattari – Université de Vincennes 1975 (In-progress)

This video is the top Google video result for “Guattari“. The top two comments for this video say “what Guattari is describing in this lecture is Facebook. It’s beyond unnerving. In 1975.” and “Guattari avait en 1975 deja prevu Meetic et tout le delire d aujourd hui de rechercher l ame soeur sur Internet” (Guattari had in 1975 already foreseen Meetic [a dating site like Match.com] and all of today’s delirium about finding a soulmate on the internet). This sounds very interesting, but it’s in French with Italian subtitles that are in places obscured by the TV station logo.

I transcribed the Italian subtitles as best I could, doing some spell-checking and spot-checking with Google Translate. I hope to transcribe the French, which will take a lot more time, and from there attempt an English translation.

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YouTube Censors Your World for the CIA

This video was pulled from YouTube for “violation of community guidelines”. Whose community? This man killed himself to get the torturers of an invading force out of Afghanistan. That’s noteworthy, and important, and although I might not agree with his politics, I agree with his anti-imperialism. I want to see this video on YouTube, and no doubt many millions across the world are also interested.

Maximilian Forte at Zero Anthropology has the backstory and larger videos. Ironically, of course, the mujahideen used to be part of the CIA’s community. Had this video been about mujahideen killing Soviet rather than US invaders of Afghanistan, no doubt it would have stayed up on YouTube.

A message from a suicide bomber to the CIA agents he is about to kill

If the video doesn’t play properly, you can get the MP4 of a message from a suicide bomber to the CIA agents he is about to kill.

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Transcript of Paul Mason at the Left Forum 2011 Opening Plenary

Update: This is the most popular post on my blog, and I’ve found that in the two years since I put it up, the original YouTube video (with better sound quality) has been removed and the Essential Dissent site is cleared out. I’ve tried to fix it up as best I can.

I watched the video below of Paul Mason‘s speech at the Left Forum 2011 Opening Plenary and was flabbergasted. It’s packed with incisive analysis of our current historical moment. I couldn’t find a transcript, so wrote it up myself. For more, see what used to be Essential Dissent.

Hey, if you’re gonna do your internationalism, I think, you know, inviting a white guy from England, you could do better. [laughter]

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My remarks at the recent SF protest against the repression of Wikileaks

Well edited by and posted on Indymedia, available directly as an mp4 movie.


Basically what happened was Monday night I was like, ok, this is bullshit! This is San Francisco. San Jose had a protest, San Francisco can’t take this shit lying down, right? So I was like, ok, well I’ll look and see if there’s something online, and then if there isn’t, I’ll just do it, on Friday, let’s say, cause that’ll give us lots of time to prepare – four days, right?

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