Transcription/Translation of Félix Guattari – Université de Vincennes 1975 (In-progress)

This video is the top Google video result for “Guattari“. The top two comments for this video say “what Guattari is describing in this lecture is Facebook. It’s beyond unnerving. In 1975.” and “Guattari avait en 1975 deja prevu Meetic et tout le delire d aujourd hui de rechercher l ame soeur sur Internet” (Guattari had in 1975 already foreseen Meetic [a dating site like] and all of today’s delirium about finding a soulmate on the internet). This sounds very interesting, but it’s in French with Italian subtitles that are in places obscured by the TV station logo.

I transcribed the Italian subtitles as best I could, doing some spell-checking and spot-checking with Google Translate. I hope to transcribe the French, which will take a lot more time, and from there attempt an English translation.

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WikiLeaks: The Third Revolt

This is not my own work and I disagree with certain points of view, but I find the analysis insightful. This is by Jean-Christophe Rufin. Translated with the help of Google Translate from the original “WikiLeaks ou la troisième revolte” at Le Monde. Original date: (20.12.10 | 14h18  •  Mis à jour le 23.12.10 | 15h24)


Doctors Without Borders / WikiLeaks: same methods, same fight? The idea of a link between the two movements may be shocking. The first is a recognized and respectable association, hailed as useful to humanity; the other is a quasi-clandestine website considered, following its recent revelations, irresponsible.

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