YouTube Censors Your World for the CIA

This video was pulled from YouTube for “violation of community guidelines”. Whose community? This man killed himself to get the torturers of an invading force out of Afghanistan. That’s noteworthy, and important, and although I might not agree with his politics, I agree with his anti-imperialism. I want to see this video on YouTube, and no doubt many millions across the world are also interested.

Maximilian Forte at Zero Anthropology has the backstory and larger videos. Ironically, of course, the mujahideen used to be part of the CIA’s community. Had this video been about mujahideen killing Soviet rather than US invaders of Afghanistan, no doubt it would have stayed up on YouTube.

A message from a suicide bomber to the CIA agents he is about to kill

If the video doesn’t play properly, you can get the MP4 of a message from a suicide bomber to the CIA agents he is about to kill.


We will beat you, CIA team… Inshallah we will beat you down. Don’t think that you just pressing a button, killing mujahideen, you are safe. Inshallah, … death will come to you … in unexpected ways. [Inshallah] Look, this is for you: it’s not watch… it’s detonator, to kill as much as I can, Inshallah. [Inshallah] This is my goal: to kill you, to kill your partner, Jordanian partner, and Inshallah I go to the [Arabic] paradise and you will be sent to the hell. [Arabic] we will Inshallah see you again. [Arabic]

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