San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair 2011

I stopped by this year’s anarchist bookfair yesterday.

The Revolution will not be motorized

An awesome poster tucked away on a window

The Anarcho-Hipster’s greatest fear is that they may be just as boring as everyone else….

Some Suggestions As To
The Origins of Boredom
Some Suggestions
for Joy
* Grad School
* facebook/youtube
* Squatting and/or being poly
for street cred
* Getting any type of radicool
haircut that makes you look
a) less white
b) less straight
c) more poor
* Certain banal
topics including
(but not limited to):
a) Derrick Jensen
b) Gentrification of
Oakland and /or
The Mission
c) Getting land
somewhere with
yr friends without
any skill sets

* Staying home on a friday night
* Getting off facebook
* Acquiring real friendships that
don’t involve networking
* Thinking for yourself
* Destroying capitalism
* Arson
* Crying
* Sex/masturbation
* Reading fiction
* Listening to music
no on else cares about
* Destroying capitalism

Today’s anarchist
scene is tomorrow’s
stagnant counter

Theory versus practice

A person came up to me who described herself as “nine, almost ten” years of age. She asked if she could buy a V for Vendetta mask that I had. I said she only had to ask nicely. She asked nicely, and I gave her one. She seemed a little confused, and asked about money. I told her she did not need to give me any money.

I understand these contradictions will come up – but it’s heartbreaking to see a young child being socialized into market relations of exchange at a fucking anarchist event!

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